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This website was a domain formerly used by an online replica Chanel sunglasses store which was operated by buyers and sellers of fake Chanel.

Pursuant to a Judgment and Injunction of a U.S. District Court against the online sunglasses shop previously appearing at this domain, CHANEL SUNGLASSES FOR SALE, the former owners and operators of the store were held by the Court to have been selling replica Chanel sunglasses and other illegal eyewear. For genuine CHANEL, please visit the official CHANEL website at www.CHANEL.com.

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CHANEL has made it a top priority to stop the sale of replica sunglasses.

Chanel continuously monitors the internet for the whereabouts of fake Chanel sunglasses being sold within auction, shopping and other websites. Once identified, action is taken where appropriate including but not limited to filing civil and criminal complaints against those accountable for replica sunglasses sales.

To anyone out there who may be in the process of considering the purchase of replica Chanel sunglasses, we urge you to not buy them and recognize that by buying fake sunglasses leads to the support of criminal activity. Avoiding replicas will help to stifle on-going crimes.

To replica sunglasses sellers, bear in mind that we are watching out for replica sales online and we are taking action.

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